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červen 10, 2024 4 min read

I lie on the bed while Martha (independent clinical educator) spritzes, cleanses and massages my face. At first my brain goes into ‘aaah’ mode and I instantly unwind, but within minutes I realise that the cleanse and exfoliation going on is now deep and taking my skin to a stripped state. ‘Can you hear the squeek’ she asks?

If you know a thing or two about skin, you'll understand that squeaky clean is enough to give any skin expert a minor heart attack. 🚑

To prepare for the initial detoxifying phase and the subsequent hyaluronic gel infusion, drying out the skin is essential to avoid light reflection from the 9 laser beams. It also facilitates in the passage of the filler gels through my previously strong skin barrier. (BTW at home, this it’s an absolute no-no. Even if your skin is oily).


Back to the future

Lasers have been around for a long time but this Byonik laser is having it’s moment in the sun because it’s cold, non-inflammatory and intense.

If you missed the trend for LED home masks last Christmas - thousands were sold - it’s because there’s acknowledgement that thermal heat damages the tissues and pro-inflammatory treatments mean they accelerate ageing.

(This fact is still ignored by some who want to satisfy their client’s thirst for instant gratification where swelling is a mechanism of action.)



Byonik is not LED. Yes, it's red and near infra red light, but these light beams are lasers which mean they don’t scatter over the surface. Instead they reach their target cells without weakening along the way, and they are also able to drive products (hyaluronic acid and skin nutrition) deep inside the skin, banking hydration, collagen and elastin and shaking off old damaged and stiffened cells that give skin its rigid or droopy appearance.

It’s the photoshop facial

It’s popular in part is because many women are seeking natural, non-invasive alternatives to Botox, fillers, PRP, Polynucleotides, Profhilo and other tweakments.

Buy why not just do LED therapy in the convenience of your home, and for less money?

Well there is a BIG difference between strength and results and the time requirements of home versus clinic treatments, and between Byonik and clinical strength LED even.

In context, 5 minutes under Byonik is equivalent to 40 minutes under a Dermalux or Celluma medically-approved lamp, because LED scatters over the skin, losing its intensity and limiting the depth of penetration.  Home masks and the Lyma laser has the flimsiest back up and isn’t medical certified. How can portable tech produce enough power to give a result from a rechargeable battery? Byonik hits the sweet spots in the skin. Go any deeper and you get ‘ablative’ lasers, which burn and cut like light sabres. Ouch 

Relaxing and Performative 

Alongside the laser, my Face Fitness Workoutand No- filler filler facials include a wonderful Esse lymphatic and pressure point massage (a traditional practice where we release tension spots), and a bespoke face mask and bespoke infusion. We adjust the actives and viscosity of the hyaluronic gels depending on the current volume in the skin.

It is surprisingly effective. You don’t really feel like it’s going to be any different to a regular facial. But I sit up with skin that is brighter, fuller (thus making my crows feet and frown lines significantly less visible), slightly firmer jawline and cheekbones that seem to have travelled an inch north.

It is not going to give you the same results as botox. And some acne and pigmented problem are better served through peels or depigmenting solutions but from a skin and complexion enhancing view point it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

You see botox and fillers aren’t doing anything for your skin health. As you know, Botox blocks the muscle contractions meaning you can’t form facial expressions so the skin sitting on top can’t wrinkle up either.

What the laser does is nothing short of brilliant. It feels like nothing is happening. There’s no heat or pain but it’s working-out the skin in a big way. Doing the job that your body once used to handle effortlessly in its youth.

Skincare experts are now hailing the benefits of Byonik as an alternative to injectables. When I was creating my facials with Martha last year, I was sold.

Up to that point I’ve avoided jumping on the bandwagon of thermal based treatments or 'advanced' facials like hydra facial, micro-current or buccal massage, now popularised by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Meghan Markle.

These ‘enhanced’ facials might offer short-term benefits specifically muscle stimulation and lymphatic drainage that results, but do nothing to reprogram the skin cells.

If you want to leave the treatment room looking amazing along with the knowledge you are putting down roots for long-term healthier, plumper cheeks (that make lines less visible), this is the best way.

I have an increasing number of clients who are beginning to see their faces age who don’t want to go just down the injectable route. The reasons I believe are that people want natural results, and they are savvy enough to see that skin health and longevity beats putting a sticking plaster over the signs of ageing.

My recommendation- play the longer-game. Regular facials plus a five-minutes a day skincare self-ritual. The key is consistency. There’s cumulative effect with Byonik laser and pure results-focussed skincare. It’s like going to the gym once is nice, but you will only benefit from repeated visits.

Try it for yourself and see the difference it makes. I do, and it does.

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