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A skincare regime designed by expert intel. Just for you.

Our  DNA plan with one-time genetic test takes out the guesswork of forever beautiful skin, accurately predicting how well you will age, and which ingredients you should have in your skincare arsenal to future-proof and decelerate ageing.

What's included?

Our expert intel involves a simple, one-time cheek swab (conducted in the comfort of your home). Analysed at the world's leading DNA laboratory.

Personal consultation with Mrs Ritchie over video. Detailed review of your unique DNA lab results alongside recommendations, based on your current skin health status, explaining your skin's priorities and the expected impact of our personal prescription product recommendations on your skin's health.
Bespoke skincare and nutraceutical regime including exact sequencing and deepening of prescription actives over three skin cycles (90 days).

Additionally, you will have option personal regular consultations to monitor your skin status and progress and answer any questions you might have and ensure you are always supported.

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How It Works

Start with a skin consultation

The first appointment involves a video or clinic appointment with Mrs Ritchie herself. This is key to give us a clear picture of your skin goals, overall skin health and condition, skin history and lifestyle and ensure you get the best start possible. We'll arrange for your home DNA testing kit. You'll simply post this back to us for laboratory analysis.

Two weeks later - We'll tailor your plan

At your second appointment we'll discuss your unique results and create your bespoke skincare plan that fulfils all of your skin’s needs, identifying specific problem areas, recommending targeted active ingredients, their concentration and when and how to introduce them into your routine. 



Three skin cycles 

We'll arrange video chats with you at least monthly (more frequently if you wish) to support your progression through each cycle.

The result - a tried and tested plan.  Beautiful skin for life.