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Skincare tips

We know it’s impractical to reach out every time you have need some help. So here’s rundown of some helpful, and we hope illuminating facts (on one page).

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  • Skin types

  • Treat the skin barrier first

  • Skin overhaul?

  • Cosmetic needling/Derma rolling

  • The best cleanser

  • Toners

  • Exfoliators

  • Retinol

  • Stem Cells

  • Skin Supplements/Nutraceuticals

  • Clean Skincare

  • Dehydrated Skin

  • Pigmentation

  • Acne, pimples, oily skin

  • Squeezing spots

  • Large pores

  • Body acne

  • Skin elasticity, laxity

  • Red, sensitive reactive skin

  • Sun screens

  • Your underlying skin type never changes (ie how oily, resistant, susceptible to pigmentation and wrinkling it is naturally). It’s best to choose products based on the CONDITION your skin is in, rather than skin type products.

    Skin condition is a direct result of the skincare products you are using, the environment and your wellbeing. Incorrect products can damage the skin barrier and throw your skin off balance.
  • Our approach to optimum skin health is to treat the barrier first. When the outer skin barrier is made weak, this in turn leads to trans epidermal water loss and a downward cascade in skin processes and health.

    Ceramides, cholesterol, natural moisturising factors and vitamin B3 (niacinamide) are favourites of ours because they help with this goal: lock in hydration by strengthening your skin’s protective barrier, heading off common problems before they occur.
  • Weak skin causes a downward spiral in skin processes, skin health and its appearance. Once made strong, introduce ingredients that will support yours skin’s priorities.
  • Our rule of thumb: 0.25mm to 0.3mm for daily enhanced product absorption and growth factor stimulation. 0.5mm for weekly collagen induction therapy.
  • If you ever feel tight after a cleanse, it's the wrong cleanser. Your skin has been over-cleaned and stripped of its natural protective oil barrier; so your skin becomes weak and vulnerable to redness, irritation, over-producing oil. Foaming SLS cleansers, wipes, toners and scrubs are often the problem. You can rely on our cleansers to support your skin.
  • If you like to use toner, alcohol based toners are a no go. Mists are a great, healthy alternative. When it comes to Pre-and Pro biotic mists, no other toner creates such a positive impact on the skin.
  • If you're suffering from clogged pores, or textual concerns, and aren't already using an exfoliant (or are ready to trade-up), do add a chemical exfoliant into your routine.

    Use exfoliants judiciously - a healthy strong skin barrier is the best thing for your skin, so you need to strike the right balance between exfoliating and nourishing the skin.
    Chemical exfoliators also reset skin pH levels (which creep up with age and alkaline skincare products) to optimum levels. Any product applied after and AHA works much better.
  • With heavier hitting products like a retinol, there really is no rush. Ease your way in to make sure your skin stays happy and you will reap the long-term benefits.
  • Rather than using plant stem cells (which tell plant cells what to do), instead we recommend peptides that talk to skin, and trigger skin to release its own harness innate growth factors and are targeted.
  • The difference in cell telomere length between vitamin D sufficient and insufficient cells corresponds to 5 years of ageing.

    You probably think we get enough vitamin D naturally from a little sunshine, especially in the summer months. This isn’t always true (70% of us are vitamin D deficient) because of increasing avoidance of the sun and daily use of UV protection. And it’s difficult to get enough from food alone.

    Choose collagen stimulators rather than collagen itself because many collagen drinks, break down in the stomach and won’t reform on the other side and collagen molecules in skincare are too large to penetrate skin.
  • Clean beauty is great, but it’s got to be about the results too. It’s rare to find a clinical-grade skincare range that is 100% clean.  Synergie Skin and Gym For Your Skin are free from and being clinical strength mean our customers get the highest quality and most concentrated level of active ingredients available on the market.
  • Hyaluronic acid ( a giving humectant) is found naturally in the skin and contributes to plumpness and healthy skin function. Some humectants (like Glycerine) are takers so applying to dry cracked skin and/or in low humidity can result in drier skin due to increased water loss.
  • Clinical treatments which move pigmentation to the skin's surface (such as IPL) are your fast pass to brightening. They work on a deeper level than any topical product can.

    With skincare you'll need more patience to lighten past sun damage and post inflammatory pigmentation. 
    Don’t expect results in one week, and don’t give up on your brightening products prematurely! Give your skin at least 12 weeks before seeing a noticeable change. Used consistently your pigmentation will slowly fade and lighten. You don't want to undo your hard work so don't forget to apply sunscreen - otherwise it will return.
  • We recommend an anti-inflammatory approach to treating acne and blemishes instead of reaching for a super drying routine with foaming face washes, scrubs and spot creams like benzoyl peroxide that perpetuate the problem. That way we can work with your skin and clear and calm your breakout faster and for the long-term.
  • It's hard not to, but don't squeeze spots - you can cause permanent discolouration and slack pores. Always wash your face after washing your hair and check your shampoo and conditioner's ingredient deck to avoid acne causing ingredients.
  • Many of us spend a lot of time and money on products that claim to shrink pores. Pores are the openings of hair follicles that contain oil glands (also called sebaceous glands) that lie below the skin’s surface. Oil glands are more plentiful in the T-zone which is why most enlarged pore problems are concentrated around the nose, forehead and chin.
    The face has 400 to 800 pores per cm2 compared with 50 pores per cm2 on the arms and legs. Oily skin types are more likely to have enlarged pores.

    Ways to treat large pores.
    - Smooth skin and empty pores reflect light and help conceal large pores. Be sure to use AHAs to keep pores clear.
     - Another way to minimise the appearance of large pores is to reduce the size and output of oil glands. Retinol and niacinamide help to regulate oil production and prevent the build-up of dead skin cells and oil inside the hair follicle that leads to dilation of the pores in the first place.
    - Strengthening the walls pores goes a long way toward decreasing their visibility add formulas that increase collagen production like vitamin A B C to your daily facial routine for an intense boost
  • Peel pads and spot treatments do wonders for body acne, but the real work starts in the shower — with body wash. Acne develops for the same reasons as facial acne; oil gets trapped within clogged pores, leading to overgrowth of acne-causing bacteria and inflammation.Swap soap for an SLS free one with tea tree oil, salicylic acid, or charcoal.  
  • No amount of botox and fillers can disguise healthy skin. Vitamins A B C and Co-Q10 and Glutathione are brilliant for healthy skin and  deplete as we age so adding these into your regime keeps your skin's metabolism revved up.

    Laser and other heat inducing treatments cause and injury in skin via increased heat. Temperatures above 45 degrees lead to shrinkage and denaturing of collagen which gives a tightening effect. However we don’t know how this skin will function and what this skin will look like in 10-15 years time, and it can burn darker skins.  With needling you can achieve a natural plumping effect without these downsides as we avert the inflammatory response. 
  • If irritation and inflammation is a regular occurrence for you, use a conditioning cleanser and use vitamin B everyday. It's a real skin strengthener that helps rebuild fragile skin, leading to a healthier skin barrier, preventing rather than treating irritation.
  • Apply a daily SPF. Sunscreens only deliver on their promises when applied in the right quantity and every two hours.We're big advocates of different formats of sunscreens (physical, hybrid makeup, and top up setting sprays) for different needs.

    It's so important to stay ahead of harmful UV and 80% of premature skin ageing with SPF.  
  • Transform your skin by simply booking achat or booking the90-day DNA plan NOW.