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Colette's story

Background Colette has used a number of high profile brands over many years with constant disappointment.
  • Dull and highly irritated skin accompanied by patchy pigmentation spots
  • Invested a small fortune over the years in a bid to correct these symptoms
  • To help try and fix the appearance of her skin (and self esteem) she underwent a series of IPL treatments, Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion which made the symptoms even worse!

SkinDNA® Results

  • Genetic variation that lowered her bodies ability to produce natural antioxidants.
  • Gene variant that caused her skin to be extremely sensitive to perfumed products.
  • Abnormal Melanin Growth Factors which become aggravated when heat is applied.


  • Commenced a course of LED Light Therapy treatments to help breakdown the pigmentation. LED doesn't produce heat so was the clients best chance at removing the semi-permanent stubborn pigmentation (whilst helping to brighten up her dull appearance.)
  • Collete was recommended a Centella Asiatica moisturizer (a natural anti inflammatory ingredient) to help protect her skin from sensitivity issues.


  • Colette has already began saving money
  • The LED was a fraction of the price of any laser treatment.
  • Colette has since emptied out her bathroom cabinet and is only using 4 products that have been more beneficial than all the ones she has tried over the years.