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For those in the North, we have a studio in Leeds!

Schedule an appointment with us to get first class advice, sample the skincare or book in for a facial treatment. We also offer video appointments if you can't make it in person.

Shoot us an email at, and we'll book you in :)

Got questions? Here are some of the most frequently asked:


Do I need an appointment?

Yes please book in. We provide appointments in our studio or over video chat for face to face skin advice.


Can items I purchase in the studio be shipped to my home?

We can! We are happy to ship them to the address of your choice.


What treatments do you recommend?

Like our skincare, we focus on a simple lineup. ONLY treatments that enhance your skin barrier (so many weaken it), strengthen the skin layers and give the skin a turbo boost of nutrition.


LED Omnilux £35 (or £20 upgrade )

Dermal Needling £150 (or £97 monthly membership)

Dermal Needling + Bio identical Human Growth Factor infusion (£70 upgrade)

Ultrasound Face Fitness Workout £70

High Definition Brows £47


How do I get to MRS RITCHIE?!

Our studio is tucked away in a converted barn in north Leeds. Just click to book. We look forward to meeting you at the MRS RITCHIE studio!


What does clinical strength mean?

Clinical, medical and prescription-strength terminology is all over the internet and beauty shelves. But what does it mean? The uneasy answer is that it means different things to different people. It can even occasionally be more of a signal of where a brand wants to physically place a product for sale, rather than an indicator of what it contains – in a skin clinic with a host doctor, for example. Confusing!

When we use the term clinical grade or clinical strength skincare, we mean that the ingredients included are formulated to the maximum strength recommended by each ingredient’s developer. Therefore our customers get the highest quality and most concentrated level of active ingredients available on the market.