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The 1.0 visibly high performance skin energiser facial extends skin's youth working on the past, present and future. It targets the effect of the past damage to your skin’s appearance caused by external and internal stressors and ageing; addresses present concerns by reducing inflammation and improving a radiant glow and smoothness and safeguards the future by enhancing your skin’s reserves and resilience.

Just as your mind needs energy to focus and your body requires it to move, your skin also demands high energy to perform at its best.

Like a cardio and strengthening workout and deeply nourishing drink for the skin. This rejuvenating treatment will hit reset on tired, troublesome, lacklustre and ageing skin, delivering a double shot of radiance and deep hydration. Microcirculation boosting lasers and targeted products will work to create deliciously plump, luminous skin. 

You'll see an instantly more lifted, fuller appearance with a healthy glow that will keep on working for you.

Mrs Ritchie's tip

No misnomers here. It's 'The One' for a reason. I've been on the look out for face tech that delivers literally every outcome we would want but without unsettling skin. This is unparalleled. SOOOO good it's brought me back into the treatment room! 


  • Instant results - Irons flat, lines caused by dehydration and acts on the very foundations of your skin, visibly rejuvenating the skin's glow, tone and texture.
  • Unparalleled luminosity - a glassy smooth and healthy looking skinfrom intense hydration and calming inflammation. 
  • Deep radiance - lifts the dullness of grey-looking skin, boosting a rosier, natural undertone and healthy-looking glow.
  • Supplement stacking - improving cell energy, endurance and repair.
  • Hydro bounce - it delivers hyaluronic directly to the foundations of the skin, redefining the contours and firming the face, especially where the skin is dry or normal, or lacks contour definition. Over a course your levels top up for the fullest bounciest skin.
  • Micro-circulatory lasering uplifts and reenergises - reactivating sleepy cells and activating collagen production, growth factors and collagen banking to heal, firm, volumise.
  • It reverses glycation - detoxifying stiff, wrinkle-forming elastin fibres
  • Strong antimicrobial activity against bacteria and candida, prevents skin from being infected and preserves a healthy defensive skin flora
  • Strengthens skin barrier function to help fight UV damage and environmental pollution and keep skin hydrated for a healthier skin
  • Able to reduce visible imperfections internally and externally including lines, discolouration, spots, redness and red capillaries and sensitivity over a course of treatments.
  • Fitness control - counteracts the increased oxidative process in regular gym users



  • 1hr 30min includes grade 2 peel, 15min eye boost or tech neck massage
  • 1hr 30min Face + Neck includes two zones includes double laser/gels






FREE Lymphatic massage trousers!

Warm up sequence - Cleanse and Bio Peel

Laser skin detox

Cardio workout - energy microcirculation boost and repair

Conditioning/ Fitness goals - Deep infusion of gels rich in multi-weight hyaluronic, vitamins, stem cells, algae, polyphenols, exosomes

Toning/ facial tension massage

Cool down - cleanse, refresh, seal

The average recommended treatment course to get to maintenance level is 6- 8 sessions and 12 for acne and deeper/ established concerns.

All skin types

All tones - especially brilliant for darker skin as it will not burn, remove colour or cause pigmentation change

Skin with a compromised and impaired barrier, - conditions like dryness, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and rosacea

Signs of ageing like lines, wrinkles, mild skin laxity, loss of volume

Reviving dull tired skin

Pigmentation including melasma

All acne grades including active and cystic

Skin tone improvements like textural issues and large pores


Pre-event Special Occasion

Monthly skin refresh

One treatment has clinical effects within the skin for up to 1 month.

A course of 8-12 treatments gives significant results,
with results still visible after 1 year.

  1. Slimyonik - Lymphatic sculpt & tone massage suit + £75
  2. Tech neck tension relief massage +£40
  3. Eye booster +£50
How early do I need to arrive before the treatment?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This gives you a chance to visit the bathroom, leaving you free to fully enjoy your treatment! It also gives me enough time to make you comfortable and assess and tailor the session to you.

Treatment times include 15 mins

All appointment times include a 15 minutes consultation and time for you to change. eg. a 1hr 15min appointment includes 1 hr treatment time

Will I need to undress during the treatment?

For face treatments, you’ll be asked to remove your top. For body treatments, we’ll also provide you with disposable massage trousers.

If I have a medical condition or an allergy can I still have a treatment?

Please mention any medical conditions or allergies within your medical consultation form that you complete upon before arrival.The treatments are safe during pregnancy. We cannot treat if your are photosensitive or in the presence of cancer and during chemotherapy/radiotherapy (including 6 months post). We require GP approval if you have any of the following conditions - Epilepsy, Cardia pacemaker, Hyperthyroidism, or are taking light sensitive, cytostatic or immuno-suppressive medication.

What is the cancellation and no-show policy?

Please cancel or amend your treatment with at least 48 hours’ notice of your appointment. This can be done via email or over the phone. If you do not attend or cancel your booking in time you may will charged the full value of your treatment.

What do I do if I'm late for my appointment?

If you know you will be running late for your appointment, please contact me. If I am still able to still carry out the treatment with adjustments or provide an express treatment, you will still be charged the full value of the treatment.

I'm booking a treatment from my pre-paid course, how do I book?

For all course treatments please book these in with me at your appointment for the next. I have a limited number of appointments and don't want to be unable to fit you in at short notice.

Do you have a loyalty scheme?

We do! With our loyalty scheme the more you spend the more points you receive to use on any of our home care products.