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květen 08, 2024 3 min read

Exciting Changes Ahead For Your Retinol Routine! (But No Need to Panic)

Retinol is good for acne, it’s a type of Vitamin A can help create skin that sings whilst also silencing acne. It’s a big tool in every professional’s arsenal because it can treat so many skin conditions. We love it. So What’s happening with it?

Here I'll explore  the incredible benefits of retinol and its results, outline the recent changes in permitted retinol strengths, and explore what this means for your current skincare routine. We’ll discover what are the latest developments in vitamin A and retinoids and retinol alternatives and why it is an aficionado’s favourite.

Retinol Effects: The Incredible Skin Balancer

When the skin is out of balance—whether it's due to excess oil, insufficient collagen, frequent breakouts, sluggishness, or rapid turnover—apply retinol serum.

Retinol Results

  • Retinol is able to interact with cell DNA and instruct cells to put the skin back into balance 
  • Keeps cell renewal on track for glowing skin
  • Helps make more collagen and put the brakes on its breakdown for firmer skin and fewer wrinkles.
  • It reduces dark spots and patches through skin renewal and calms hyper-active melanocytes (colour-producing cells)
  • It’s brilliant for acne. It calms over-active sebaceous glands to help reduce excess oiliness and it slows down hyper-active skin cells that get trapped in the pores.
  • It can repair cells that have been damaged by the sun
  • It makes our blood vessels healthy for great skin colour and toxin removal

If It's So Good, Why Is the EU Reducing The Permitted Strength Of Retinol In Formulas?

Used responsibly, retinol is safe and effective. However, like many good things, it can be harmful in excess.  Following a EU regulation, the UK  also introduced the regulation limiting retinol concentrations to 0.3% in retinol face care products to caution against overuse and potential risks.

As a professional I don’t feel the restrictions on retinol strength are a big deal. In fact they're a good thing.

People Are Overdosing And Using It Incorrectly

Young skin shouldn’t be overstimulated. Many higher percentage retinol-products are finding their way into the skincare routines of those who really don't need them.

Lower dose percentage will still do the job. Slow and steady is good as retinol use accumulates in the skin overtime.

What About Prescription-Strength Retinoids?

Prescription-grade retinoid acid remain available for those who need stronger treatments overseen by a professional.

Effects of Retinol: The Dangers of Excessive Use or Overdosing

  1. Overdosing on retinol can lead to skin irritation, increased sun sensitivity, and even scarring if used with facial procedures.
  2. Applying Vitamin A topically adds to our overall intake when combined with Vitamin A found in food and supplements. Too high blood levels (hypervitaminosis) can be toxic. Retinol serums and retinol creams have become ever stronger. In the past this was a rarity linked to people using supervised prescription acne treatments but the worry is that this could be an issue with self-selected retinols.

Which Vitamn A Skincare Is Not Affected By The Regulations?

  • Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (HPR) This is great news, HPR doesn’t convert to retinoic acid like retinol and it’s an effective alternative to prescription retinoic acid without the downsides.
  • Bakuchiol
  • Retinol face serums under 0.3%
  • Retinol serums over 0.3% (for the next three years) Thereafter these will disappear.

Introducing Transforming Growth Factor Beta-2 (TGF-β2)

We are already reformulating our 1% GFYS retinol serum and the results are impressive. More impressive than I expected. We’ll be launching later this summer.

Discover Effective Alternatives To Retinol-Based Products:

Synergie AccellerA with HPR
Esse Bakuchiol

At Mrs. Ritchie, we're committed to helping you make informed skincare choices. Stay tuned for more updates and insights on achieving beautiful, balanced skin. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us HERE.