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květen 03, 2024 2 min read

We're diving into some common questions about Vitamin D and its application. Let's get straight to it!

How much can I reduce the time I need in the sun by applying Pro-Sun D Serum?

By using Pro-Sun D Serum, you can decrease your sun exposure by approximately one-third of what would typically be required.


When is the ideal time to take the 5-min Sun Spa?

For optimal Vitamin D production, the sun should be at an angle of at least 30° in the sky. The DMinder App is an excellent tool for determining the best time for your Sun Spa session. Alternatively, when your shadow is equal to your height, the sun is at 45°, allowing for Vitamin D synthesis. You can use your shadow as a rough guide as well.

What happens if we overdose with Vitamin D?

Overdosing is not a concern when using skin-based supplements like Pro-Sun D Serum. However, excessive intake of oral supplements can lead to elevated blood levels of Vitamin D and its metabolites. This can cause calcium to deposit inside arteries (vascular calcification), increasing the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiac events.

What is the dose of Vitamin D per application?

The dose typically ranges from 12,000 to 16,000 IU, depending on product usage. For example, a half-hour of sun exposure at 10 am in spring can deliver approximately 14,000 IU of Vitamin D. However, it's important to note that we don't regulate how much is delivered into our bloodstream - the skin does. Leaving control of Vitamin D synthesis and delivery up to your skin means that your body is in full control of dosage, which is safer.

Is there any correlation between acne and low levels of Vitamin D?

Yes, several studies support a strong correlation between low Vitamin D levels and acne severity. Vitamin D helps reduce inflammation associated with acne, improves the function of sebaceous glands to prevent acne, and regulates immune responses to minimise hyperkeratosis.

Will the product activate as effectively on all skin tones?

Yes, the product is designed to be effective across all skin tones. As it is applied to the skin's surface above the pigment layer, it bypasses melanin and activates transdermally. This makes it particularly useful for individuals with higher phototypes who may require longer sun exposures to produce sufficient Vitamin D.

We hope these answers shed light on Vitamin D and how Pro-Sun D Serum can enhance your supplementation routine. Stay informed and enjoy the benefits of healthy Vitamin D levels! You can read more about Vitamin D and why your skin craves sunshine HERE.