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Acne Hang Up (14-22 years)

Put away your phone. Give yourself a break from texting and Instagram. Stop using the camera as a reflection. It's time to get clear, healthy skin without filters. Our custom-fit series improves acne, unclogs pores, treats discolouration, scarring, and redness for brighter, calmer, clearer more even-toned skin.

The treatment combination we design for you denatures bacteria, detoxifies and reduces excess oil, which are causing inflammation and infection, and helps decrease scarring as well as the frequency and severity of breakouts.They don't solve the problem at hormonal level, but they certainly dramatically improve what you’re seeing on the surface. Your plan is likely to include a combination of the following:

  • Steaming (softens and hydrates the skin and makes any extractions easier)
  • Microneedling (not only tightens the skin and pores, but reduces sebum production, too and helps new collagen formation and improved texture and scar repair)
  • No Peel, Peels. (If anything is going to clear your pores of all the dead skin cells that lead to comedones and spots, it’s a good skin peel. By using acids to exfoliate the skin, soften the heads of comedones, and get into the pores to clear them out, you can leave your skin clean and clear).
  • Oxygen mask (this tackles the P. acnes bacteria, minimising the chances it can cause the inflammatory reaction that results in pustules and cysts.)
  • Byonik cold laser treatments LED Red Light therapy can help with slowing overactive cells - regulating the sticky cell build up which causes breakouts. Also the power of laser knows no limits when it comes to skin concerns. One of its lesser-known superpowers is its ability to clear up acneic skin and deal with the aftermath, too. The body stimulates a healing process inclusive of the production of new collagen, elastin, and healthy skin with no downtime. 

The treatment spacing is planned around your budget and what's best for your skin. We've priced these treatment to be as affordable as we can. Helping young people's skin confidence is very important to us.

Mrs Ritchie's tip

The thing about acne is you’ve got to know it is hormones that’s driving it. Hormone production ramps up during puberty and the skin often goes haywire as a result. It’s not what you’re eating, although sugar doesn’t really help, and it’s not how you’re living your life, although stress doesn’t help it either.

With acne, your skin is inflamed, so you want to be delicate with it. And patient. Some home skincare treatments are effective because they are highly drying but those initial 'feel-good' results will wear off once the body starts to readjust, either landing you back at square one or, frequently, with even worse skin that when you started. That’s why things like tea tree oil, foaming cleansers, toners, witch hazel, rose water, lemon juice are such a bad idea. Instead, you need to adopt a gentle approach to encourage your skin back into line. Often this requires more than good homecare. This treatment plan will provide long-term equilibrium and it’s good practice for good skin health. You can go down the GP route of antibiotics and roaccutane, although they can also carry unwanted side effects, such as increased resistance to antibiotics further down the road and heightened sensitivity to UV rays. 






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We'll call you before your appointment to book you in, discuss your skin, and conduct a short consultation. Let us know when you are free for treatments and when we can schedule a time to talk with you. Thank you.

Common Questions

A cold laser works with directed photon absorption and not photo thermal damage

➢Cold laser will not burn or remove colour from or damage skin tissue, nor create heat on the skin.

➢No risk of pain, scarring, pigmentary changes or infection.

➢Cells are energised to promote a healing response.

Using SkinPen precision technology allows us to reach a more intense and more comfortable level of treatment than is possible with traditional manual derma roller. Best of all, SkinPen doesn't rely on heat so the results are natural and safe for all skin tones and types.

More energy in your cells means more cellular repair and regeneration, and an improved ability to fight decline, damage and disease or poor lifestyle choices.

LED light is non-coherent so it scatters over skin and some is therefore lost into the atmosphere before reaching the skin, so this dilutes the intensity and limits the depth of penetration. You don’t get this dilution with laser beams.

Medical LEDs also cannot deliver actives deep into the skin. The shine from skincare will cause a reflection, meaning the wavelengths of the light won’t penetrate as deeply and will bounce off skin.

The Byonik laser is able to achieve deep levels of photon absorption due to coherent beam delivery and able to drive products and hyaluronic and skin nutrition into the skin, giving a filler effect and improving cell health.

Lasers are the most powerful light therapy used for more targeted skin-care concerns, as well as those that are more stubborn or advanced. Laser photo beams directly into the skin and works directly within the cells at all levels of the skin.

The BYONIK is a cold laser Red and NIR and so it’s the only machine that can detoxify collagen and elastic fibres (stiff glycated wrinkle and sagging forming fibres). It promotes lymph drainage and decongests and also energises skin so effectively. Other lasers are thermal and can cause fat loss and pigmentation issues. Skin cells that are detoxified, energised and nourished function better and can renew up to 200% faster accelerating regeneration and repair.

The effect of the LED really depends on the amount of energy available for absorption at the surface of the skin. Home masks are unlikely to be worth the price tag. Unless you’re investing in a serious bit of kit like the Celluma Pro or Dermalux Flex MD, which is medically certified, and mostly used in clinic but also available for home use, you’re probably better off not bothering. This is because most portable LED devices that are designed for home use simply aren’t powerful enough to really deliver. That being said, there are a lot of people who love their at-home LED masks and say they see noticeable improvements in their skin while using it consistently. One such improvement we hear about a lot is the general ‘glow’ these masks give, but this just indicates that the energy coming off the mask’s bulbs has simply stirred up the blood supply in the skin. Compare that to how your skin looks after a session of professional-strength LED…  because once this has worked its magic and reduced inflammation in the skin, your skin actually looks paler and calmer than when you walked in – this is exactly why LED is commonly layered with treatments like peels and microneedling which cause controlled trauma – to calm the skin down afterwards and remove redness. Home blue light is however effective. LED is cumulative so rather than once a month in clinic a home medical LED would be a good investment ie like going to the gym once a month or 3 times a week.

Unlike traditional chemical peels, the No Peel, Peel uses a combination of acids that regenerate skin without causing exfoliation of the skin (ie the dry, flaking, scabbing and peeling you might expect). As the name suggests it doesn't actually peel the skin - it does everything beneath the surface which means no downtime.

We offer a numbing cream to minimise any discomfort during treatment. You won't feel any pain, however you may feel a slight stinging sensation and vibrations from the microneedling pen.

Depending on the treatment you'll notice plump glowing treatments from day one up to two weeks. Results are cumulative, so a series of treatments will give you best results. Typically we recommend 4-6 sessions spaced 2-6 weeks apart.

After our Face Fitness and No filler Facial you'll want to. After microneedling and the No-peel peel your skin will be more sensitive than normal, but any redness and warmth will only last up to 48 hours. We also include cold laser with all treatments to minimise any post treatment inflammation so you might find your skin is calmer sooner.

We select skincare appropriate for the treatment and your skin condition to help you achieve the best possible version of your skin. We use a combination of core cleansing and moisturising and mask and targeted formulas from Esse, Gym For Your Skin, Byonik, Exo|e.


All appointment times include a 15 minutes consultation and time for you to change. eg. a 1hr appointment includes 45 minutes treatment time

Please mention any medical conditions or allergies within your medical consultation form that you complete upon before arrival.The treatments are safe during pregnancy. We cannot treat if your are photosensitive or in the presence of cancer and during chemotherapy/radiotherapy (including 6 months post). We require GP approval if you have any of the following conditions - Epilepsy, Cardia pacemaker, Hyperthyroidism, or are taking light sensitive, cytostatic or immuno-suppressive medication.

Your appointment time is reserved just for you. Please let us know 48 hours in advance if there are any changes or should you not be able to attend. Thank you. Late cancellations mean a hole in the dairy that could have been filled by another client. As such, if you provide less than 48 hours notice, or miss your appointment, we do charge for the full appointment.

For all series treatments we will book your first treatment in and thereafter we will book the next at your appointment. That way we can assess your skin and recommend the frequency interval knowing your skin. We have a limited number of appointments and don't want to be unable to fit you in at short notice.